Canon EOS 77D

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I have owned a Canon EOS 77D since March 2017. I upgraded from an EOS Rebel T1i. The EOS 77D is a great upgrade, and a fantastic basic DSLR camera. There are a lot of settings I still don’t know how to use.

My father taught me about SLR photography, where I learned about exposure times, aperture, ISO, and focal length. The controls on the EOS 77D are easy to understand, with the exception of f-stop. The control wheel gives easy access to changing the f-stop, but I too easily forget that this functionality is there. I generally get into the “Q” screen to change f-stop before I remember the control wheel would do the same thing on the fly. Overall, the basics I learned on my father’s camera work just the same on the EOS 77D.

I’ve read that the EOS 77D is not a great low-light performer, and I have photographs that support that. The output gets grainy, and details are muddy. Granted, I was in very low light trying to photograph fast moving plans.

The one feature on the camera that really has me stumped is the Picture Styles. Adjusting the fine details of each photo style must require an electrical engineering degree to understand how light interacts with the camera sensor. (I also haven’t read up on Picture Styles much.) The controls for Picture Styles just isn’t intuitive enough to know what I’m doing as I change settings.

I don’t use a flash much for photography. I don’t like the harshness a flash creates. I only have the built-in flash to work with at this time. It works, it lightens things up, but it creates a slight shadow. I have a cheap Ring Flash, but it doesn’t have a smart shoe on it, so it won’t fire with the shutter. However, the Ring Flash does provide a constant light source that works well for macro photography.

This camera has worked well for me over the past four years. I don’t regret the purchase. It was an awesome upgrade from my EOS Rebel T1i. The next time I upgrade, I plan to move to a full-frame sensor rather than the APS-C crop sensor I currently have. I mostly have EF lenses, maybe one EF-S lens that won’t work if I do upgrade to a full-frame Canon model.

My brother has a Nikon camera. I’ve never used one, so I won’t talk negatively about them. However, I like my Canon EOS 77D a whole lot, and would recommend it to a beginner or intermediate photographer. The camera is not difficult to use, and is a solid performer.