Eat Street Glam Doll Donuts

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Glam Doll Donuts makes some pretty awesome donuts, and serves them in pretty awesome pink boxes. I wish I was a seasoned food critic so I could give these donuts their just praise, because I really enjoyed eating these four varieties I had delivered for my birthday.

Bam Bam

fruity icing dunked in fruity pebbles

I’m going to let you guess the kid’s cereal this donut is made with. The icing almost tastes like cereal milk. Damn! Damn! It’s delicious.

Calendar Girl

salted caramel & chocolate

Your first bit into this donut is the sweetness of the chocolate icing, but once you get to that salted caramel filling, the flavor profile of this donut cha

Chocolate Cream Pie

Like chocolate cream pie but in a donut! Filled with house made chocolate custard and topped with vanilla cream and crispy pie crust.

When is a pie not a pie? When it’s a donut! Pie meets donut with smooth chocolate cream filling, fluffy whipped cream, and a slice of pie crust complete the mix.

Dark Angel

vanilla bean cream & chocolate icing

Don’t let this name fool you. The Dark Angel is pure. Pure bliss. The vanilla cream is a cool and refreshing contrast to the chocolate icing.


orange, ginger & cinnamon infused glaze

A subtle yet refreshing orange, ginger, and cinnamon balanced together with a sweet donut.

Violet Beaubeau

Vanilla buttercream filling, blueberry icing & brown butter crumb

This one is flavor in disguise. There’s a subtle blueberry cobbler in each bite.


Skeleton Key