Kyoto Sushi, Minneapolis

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Disclaimer: I really enjoy eating sushi. I will not claim to be an expert. I know that sushi is a broad term that includes a variety of dishes made with vinegared rice, which may include fish. I know that sashimi is a piece of fish alone, and nigiri is a piece of fish on rice. I do not eat wasabi with my sushi. That is what I know about sushi. I do not know much about the various types of fish and how to critique them. This review will look at one restaurant, Kyoto Sushi, located in Uptown Minneapolis.

I have eaten my fair share of grocery store sushi. For a quick lunch, those will do. I hear a lot of opposition to eating the sushi you get from stores, with due cause. A 2017 UCLA study found a high level of fish fraud in L.A. sushi restaurants. But I digress. Let’s get down to business.

I would describe Kyoto as fast food sushi that serves restaurant-quality plates. I call it fast food because you get your food right away after you order. When you visit the restaurant, you are served all-you-can-eat. This includes all tempura, rolls, maki, and other makes and models of sushi (nigiri and sashimi included). And to be honest, the food was pretty good. I haven’t eaten at many sit down sushi restaurants. Kyoto was far beyond the quality of grocery store brands.

One of the great things about Kyoto Uptown is the delivery option. You can’t really do all-you-can-eat in a delivery order, but you can get five rolls or sashimi for $27.99. The delivery fee is a bit steep, and with tax and tip, the order comes out to about $46 for one. You are getting the same quality sushi at home that you would in the restaurant, and you can eat it in your pajamas.

If you are a strict sushi connoisseur, you may be weary of a restaurant like Kyoto. It’s not a fancy, well-known restaurant that attracts celebrities and stars, but it offers a good meal for a good price.


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