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The Last of Us

Genre: Stealth

I've played the main story 2 times and given it an average score of 3.5 (out of 4).

2024-03-03 12h 0m Replay

An unparalleled story held back by dated and repetitive gameplay. One minute you're exploring love and loss with fully realized characters and the next, you're killing 6 generic dudes in yet another clearing full of chest-high walls. The stealth is clunky, the puzzles are generic, and the story is better told than maybe any other game, ever. It was a great candidate for a TV adaptation because they could focus on what make the game great: the story. The gameplay moments that are directly serving the story bring immersion that only games can provide, and it gets credit for that. Violence hits different when you're enacting it with your own controller, something the show couldn't capture in the same way. It also has great zombies- clickers go down in history as an all-time creepy enemy. But, lackluster collectibles and pacing problems (the first half of the game is _slow_) left me wanting overall. There's this gorgeous, atmospheric world wrapping a lot of generic 3rd person shooting that doesn't do it justice. It's ultimately worth playing, but I wouldn't begrudge anyone for just watching the show instead; it elevates the narrative without any of the filler.

2016-01-08 15h 0m First Time

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DLC, etc.

2024-03-09 1h 30m DLC

The Left Behind DLC distills the main game's gameplay into a tight 1.5 hour package. The story greatness is still there and its reduced padding and smaller environment make for a satisfying stay.