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The pacing and CGI really hold up, as do the sense of fun about the whole thing. Action is good, writing is snappy, world is well-developed. A fitting start to the franchise.

2024-06-02 #6

Peter Pan


Defenitely deserves its cultural sensitivity warning preroll. Story is decent and bits are funny, but largely fell flat for me. That said, I liked the orchestration, especially how they timed it with the action.

2024-05-26 #1

Stellar cast and a fast-moving plot make help this movie stay pretty fun throughout. Bits of it are dated in interesting ways, but that’s what you get.

2024-05-25 #1



Drop-dead gorgeous and a great soundtrack. Story is what it is and there’s not much of a supporting cast, but it holds up more than I remembered.

2024-05-24 #1*

Stacked cast and a surprisngly compelling story. Decent action and intrigue (if a bit predictable). Nice to have an atypical protagonist.

2024-05-14 #1

The Gentlemen


no review

2024-05-07 #2



Holds up remarkably well. Great jokes, decent animation, fun references. The full package.

2024-05-04 #3

Well cast and paced. Was like 10% less fun than I wanted, but it's still a good time. The plot is weirdly straightforward and conflicts are easily resolved. Also the chatacters lack any emotional depth or background. It was also missing his characteristic flair, weirdly.

2024-05-01 #1

Light and charming; not a bad watch but doesn’t say a lot. It’s mostly a sillly thing about how out of place he is, but he sells it.

2024-04-28 #1



A decent enough romp, but a little too joyless for my tastes. Other movies have done adventure better since and there wasn’t enough fun tying it to the games.

2024-04-27 #2



The most remarkable thing this movie did was star both John Cena and Alison Brie yet be so boring and un-funny. The dictator was sort of the emotional core of the whole thing, which leads to some complicated messaging.

2024-04-26 #1

Hot Fuzz


no review

2024-04-23 #3



Sort of knew what was coming, but the movie did a good job humanizing the disaster and exploring the social implecations of the whole thing. Glad I finally saw it.

2024-04-14 #1

The Big Year


A fun concept reasonably presented. Felt a little light on actual plot resolution, but it's a fun watch if you like birds.

2024-04-05 #1

Pretty dumb, but I love the layers of parody at play. They really pack in the references and cameos.

2024-04-04 #2

Mean Girls


A tasteful update to a classic. Music was fun but not especially memorable. All of the cast was super funny though.

2024-03-29 #1

Carries the trademarked Wes Anderson flair and tells a cute story with a great cast and set design.

2024-03-26 #1

Has some pretty dumb bits, but also some fun one. a decent follow-up to a goat

2024-03-22 #3

Young Frankenstein


no review

2024-03-17 #3

The Mummy


Extremely Brown Movie and always a fun watch.

2024-03-16 #5

Probably her best yet - jokes are tight, strikes the right chords, kept it fresh.

2024-03-10 #1

The Holdovers


A sweet exploration of the relationship between a boy and a teacher. Small cast goes a long way.

2024-03-08 #1

Great examination of what makes a rivalry and how it's differentiated from enemies. And there's a lot of great Michigan history in this one, which is fun.

2024-03-07 #1

The Departed


Ran a little long, but was a pretty gripping drama. Unbelievable cast, twists and turns, quite a ride.

2024-03-01 #1

Some steller performances held back by just the slowest and lowest stakes narritive I’ve seein in a while. Disappointed, as I’ve loved most of McDonagh’s other work. This wasn’t a dark comedy, it was just… dark and boring and melancholy.

2024-02-29 #1

Absolutely spectacular. The staging adds a lot to the show and the music and stories are superbly presented. There’s a lot going on but there’s a lot of heart. I was a mess at the end. Beautifully done.

2024-02-28 #1

The Menu


It was unhinged, but I sort of loved it. At some points it felt twisted for twisted's sake, but there was clearly thought put into every bit of the staging and story.

2024-02-26 #1

Great mix of acerbic, funny, and heartfelt. I really like it as a reaction to the past few years of american media/culture.

2024-02-25 #1



Extremely intense. Unbelievable performance out of Simmons. The examination of ambition and perfection is interesting, but all the characters come off as assholes who didn’t learn anything. Maybe that's "leaving it up to the viewer", but it left me with a sour taste. Definitely earned its intensity badge though.

2024-02-24 #1

Extremely cute movie. Charismatic cast and some great comedy. You could tell they were having a good time on that set and it shines through. Light and fun, top to bottom.

2024-02-23 #1

Valentine's Day


I’m a sucker for a stacked ensemble and I just love how this shows so many versions of love.

2024-02-14 #7

The Marvels


Scattered and fun. The cute parts are great, but all of the marvel fighting felt pretty boring. Getting hard to keep everything straight.

2024-02-13 #1

no review

2024-02-07 #2

Great cast and a well-paced plot keeps this spy thriller moving nicely.

2024-02-04 #2



Pretty dumb with the occasional cool set pieces. Hart gets carried by a better supporting cast and there's some decent heisting.

2024-01-29 #1

Pretty dumb, but not a terrible watch. I think their comedy works more in short form than long, but there are some good bits.

2024-01-29 #1



Hysterical movie and a big Oscar snub for Gerwig and Robbie.

2024-01-23 #2

no review

2024-01-21 #3

Mean Girls


Held up much better than I thought it would. Not all the jokes still land (or are worth making), but its message is largely there. Great script overall and some inspired casting.

2024-01-20 #2

The Out-Laws


Fun concept, but quickly devolves into a run-of-the-mill action comedy. Pretty good cast, but didn’t really do it for me.

2024-01-12 #1

Is really just one of my favorite movies. Soundtrack jams, characters are fun, villains rock. It’s the complete package.

2024-01-01 #6

Good natured, but pretty boring

2023-12-27 #1

Not without its charms, but it’s remarkably the exact same movie as California Christmas? And very wine-y.

2023-12-26 #1

Not very christmas-y. Some nice elephant protection messaging, but remarkably lacking in any further charisma or interesting (or even funny) plot

2023-12-26 #1

Family Switch


Funny movie, but not actually very christmasmy. A worthy add to the pantheon of Body Swap movies.

2023-12-25 #1

Still so cheesy, but pleaseant and fun.

2023-12-25 #2

The Holiday


A great movie about finding and losing love. Stellar cast, decent pacing, very fun vibes.

2023-12-23 #1

I’m shocked at how much I liked this one. It managed to be funny, touching, and everything inbetween. It struck that balance incredibly well, knowing exactly what it was every step of the way.

2023-12-17 #1



A stellar cast and a genuinely nice message really do cement this as a modern classic.

2023-12-17 #3

Pretty silly, but it's a fun format. I also like how you can actually solve the mystery. Everyone seemed like they were having fun.

2023-12-16 #1

Bits of it were very funny and a lot of the songs felt out of place. Nice, in an old-timey way.

2023-12-15 #1

Great as far as stupid christmas movies go. Cast is nice, Lohan seems like she’s doing well, scenery is pretty. A worthy dumb watch.

2023-12-14 #1

no review

2023-12-12 #2

There are bits of it that work (the cast, some music) and a lot that doesn’t (sort of a bonkers, caricature of a plot). Not a terrible watch, but not a great one.

2023-12-11 #1

Real stinker of a movie. Boring, uncompelling.

2023-12-09 #1

Had some interesting ideas but wasn’t good enough to be good or quite dumb enough to be so-good-it’s-bad

2023-12-09 #1

Certainly more christmasy than the first, and with better characters, but it’s not _fun_ bad yet. Just like, fine.

2023-12-08 #1

Bits of it were funny and charming, but it mostly fell pretty flag. It also wasn’t very Christmas-y for a Christmas movie?

2023-12-07 #1

Kung Fu Panda


no review

2023-12-06 #7



A little much at times, but a fun watch!

2023-12-02 #1

Stellar music and a star-studded lineup make this a delightful Christmas watch

2023-12-01 #1

Sort of shockingly touching. Fun little watch, and good music!

2023-12-01 #1

Love Actually


Remains fun, if uneven

2023-11-28 #7

Ocean's Thirteen


no review

2023-11-24 #4



no review

2023-11-24 #2

You've Got Mail


Still very charming! Funny what's still relevant (and what's not)

2023-11-24 #3

Tense and twisted. Maybe too many chase / action scenes. But, remarkably prescient- I would have sworn it was a post 9/11 movie.

2023-11-24 #1



Does so much with so little, dialogue wise. Delightful story and hopeful messaging.

2023-11-24 #2

There’s a lot of layers here, but it’s ultimately a good movie. Interesting pull between friends and career, plus I learned a bit about fashion.

2023-11-18 #1



Probably the strongest of the live-action remakes. It’s interesting - the parts of it that were new from the original were great. It’s a worse musical, you can’t replicate that. But it expanded the world and characters very effectively. Glad we watched it.

2023-11-09 #1



Really holds up. Great art, songs, and plot (more complex and twisty than I remembered). Robin Williams steals the show, but could be a little much for some of his scenes. Easily a top-tier movie though.

2023-11-08 #1*

Still hard to sympathize with Steve Martin, but it’s a little easier to enjoy the comedy of errors this time around. Plus, one of the rare Thanksgiving movies.

2023-11-07 #2

Did the most expansion of any of the other Disney remakes we’ve watched so far. It was largely good - fleshing out the world, places, and characters. The CGI was… competent, but not pleasant to look at. Great cast but worse music (which is to be expected).

2023-11-06 #1

Still gorgeously animated and heartfelt. Music is good, jokes land, the works. I can see why it’s remained such a classic.

2023-11-05 #3

This move is largely very pretty and the music is pretty good. But, if you remake a movie, you have to change and/or improve it. This remake negleected to do that- it’s actually remakably identical to the original with CGI instead of hand-drawn animation. Some bits are better, but others are worse. Hard to see why they bothered.

2023-11-04 #1

Interestingly worse than I remember. The animation is rough, closer to "Rescuers Down Under" than it is to "Lion King". The sotry is a little dated and the characters are pretty shallow. Great music and villians though.

2023-11-03 #1*

Fun little concert. They do the music from the movie and some other songs too. Some fun dancing and great costumes.

2023-11-01 #1



Still exquisite; just perfect.

2023-11-01 #6

Hocus Pocus


Still fun!

2023-10-30 #5

Had its moments, but was mostly forgettable.

2023-10-28 #1



Had it’s funny bits (and JB is great as always), but annoying characters and a weak plot didn’t do it for me.

2023-10-22 #1

Ready or Not


Absolute delight. Gross, tense, exciting, game-related. The works.

2023-10-15 #1

The Babysitter


Light and stupid, but a fun take on a slasher movie. Writing felt like the weak point, but it was weirdly charming.

2023-10-15 #1



Extremely unsettling and creepy. Didn’t have any of the cleverness of parody I was hoping it would. Certainly an effective movie, but not one I enjoyed watching.

2023-10-15 #1

Just dreadfully boring. Extremely horny for no real reason. A modicum of plot right at the end, but slow and pointless otherwise.

2023-10-13 #1

The Addams Family


Creepy, yet extremely charming.

2023-10-09 #2

The Little Vampire


Cheesy, but has some nice heart.

2023-10-08 #1*

Sleepy Hollow


Suitably Halloween-y. Great cast, decent plot, lots of beheadings.

2023-10-08 #2

It had extremely strong art direction, but unfortunately didn't have the writing to support it. It had such cool sets but everything else fell flat.

2023-10-07 #1

Decently spooky, but felt like it went too many directions. Some heardfelt bits, some scary bits, some funny bits. But just not enough of any one thing. Awesome cast though.

2023-10-04 #1

Happy Death Day


Low budget and fairly simple, but fun. Good time loop, decently spooky.

2023-10-02 #1

Felt like a cute family movie. Unfortunately, we don’t know these people. Thought it would be closer to Assembed, the marvel behind-the-scenes documentaries.

2023-10-01 #1

Werewolf by Night


no review

2023-10-01 #2

The Lion King


A movie that simply didn’t need to happen. The cast was good but everything just felt lifeless by comparison. A lot of the songs we were worse too.

2023-09-30 #1

Interestingly timeless, despite how dated parts of it are.

2023-09-29 #1*

The Machine


Charming in its own way, but also pretty dumb.

2023-09-28 #1

A Goofy Movie


no review

2023-09-27 #4

Light and sort of dumb but had some nice songs. Definitely a step down from the previous films.

2023-09-25 #1

Not a showstopper, but it’s a pretty fun retelling of the story.

2023-09-24 #1

The Lion King


So vibrant, funny, and heartfelt. This movie just rocks.

2023-09-23 #3