poster for Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger

Originally released in 2011.

I've watched this movie 5 times and given it an average score of 3.60 (out of 4).

2024-06-23 Watch #5

Really holds up in its pacing and writing. Good ensemble and lots of slow moments let it not hit you over the head with action (like some later movies).

2021-06-10 Watch #4

no review

2020-09-16 Watch #3

I think most of the action scenes don't hold up that well, but the core of the movie is great. Stellar cast, too.

2018-04-08 Watch #2

Lots of good. Moved well, helped sympathize with the characters. A cool setup for things to come. Natalie Dormer and Jenna Coleman!

2011-07-27 Watch #1

no review