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Extremely intricate puzzles layered onto a world busting with explorable areas made this a most engaging adventure. Learning new mechanics kept the world from feeling too small and the odd atmosphere kept us engaged throughout. Ended up getting the platinum trophy (and the true ending) because we were having so much fun.

2024-07-12 First Time 14h 44m

A pretty tough game, but fair about its difficulty. Good boss variety and equipment options. It would get frustrating when I made dumb mistakes over and over. But, the feeling of finally beating a boss I had run up against many times was exhilarating. Death Count: 507 total: 101 deaths first island, 191 deaths second island, 111 deaths third island, 30 deaths against penultimate boss, 74 against final boss.

2024-06-25 First Time 16h 33m

I liked the concept and art style a lot, but it didn't land for me. I liked the way that characters aged and changed over time, which felt novel. Building their stories over time also felt good. Combat was mostly good, but each campaign started pretty slowly until you got abilities for your characters. The overworld ate up a lot of time without being especially compelling. The dialogue was inconsistent at best and was noticeably procedurally generated; that made it occasionally charming, but stilted more often than not. End-campaign combat was the highlight and there was decent depth, but it took a while to get there. There are only three classes which I think limits the diversity of the gameplay. It felt like we saw most of the possible archetypes in our time with the game. Note: I played the whole thing in 4 player multiplayer, had some rough edges. We played a couple campaigns, enough to feel like we had seen most of what the game had to offer.

2024-06-24 First Time 16h 2m

Defend the Rook


Had an interesting premise (tactics + tower defense) but fell short for me. Towers felt underpowered and unrewarding to use. Hero upgrades were ok, but the pool is pretty small so it all felt repetitive after a few runs. Metaprogression was also fairly uninteresting. Cool idea that didn't stick the landing.

2024-06-15 First Time 3h 36m

Charming concept. Decent if simple puzzles. Tacked on combat, but didn't really get in the way. They could have streamlined it a bit, but I liked the story a lot.

2024-06-12 First Time 5h 31m

A Blind Legend


A neat concept (audio-only game), but doesn't quite stick the landing. Combat is repetitive and audio design is surprisingly spartan for game that's literally only audio.

2024-06-10 First Time 0h 45m

Very cool presentation & tech. Creepy story that doesn't really resolve much, but is pretty gripping throughout.

2024-06-09 First Time 2h 0m

Extremely cool concept. There aren't many games that have real time command-typing as their core gameplay (and when they do, it's usually not under time pressure). I definitely felt like a hacker as I rushed to rotate the cameras, disable the lasers, and distract the guards. Story was good too- it did a lot with a little. Though I would have liked music/sound effects and some slight QoL improvements, this was awesome for what it was.

2024-06-09 First Time 1h 37m

Far from Noise


This stretches the definition of "game"- it's more of a guided meditation with dialogue choices. Unfortunately, not something I'm looking for..

2024-06-09 First Time 0h 18m

Clever little puzzle game. No art, music, or story to speak of, but the puzzles are good and there's some neat space explored. Not a bad way to spend 2 hours.

2024-06-08 First Time 2h 20m

Some of the best turn based combat I've played din a while. I love the deckbuilding mechanics. The story and writing were fine, but they paved the way for some genuinely heartfelt character moments. Design wise, it's overstuffed - there are too many generic missions and too many resources / collectibles. The dressup aspect is fun though and like I said, the core gameplay awesome. They teased a sequel and I'm here for it.

2024-06-07 First Time 38h 5m

Cute art and music coupled to an ok story and lacking gameplay. Bits of it were certainly charming and it captured summer well, but didn't do it for me overall.

2024-06-02 First Time 3h 0m

A strong entrant in the monster collecting genre. Story was decent, if tropey. Gameplay was more modular than most Pokemon-like games, leading to a lot of deep strategy if you want to go looking for it. The fusion system is great and the fact that every combination exists is pretty mind blowing. The type chart is fairly advanced compared to Pokemon, requiring me to keep a reference open most of the time. The ragdoll physics are an interesting twist on its pixel art style. Decent exploration and menus that are less ergonomic than they should be. But, a fun play that kept me engaged throughout.

2024-05-18 First Time 17h 33m

Great tower variety and a system that really rewards and encourages experimentation(by being able to respec at any time for free). Your power level really ramps up as you get more skills and items. Enemy variety is generally interesting and forces you to think on your feet a bit rather than doing the same things every time. Great on iPad.

2024-05-13 First Time 22h 58m

Great art style, some decent platforming, pretty good exploration. Combat was mostly fun and abilities combined in interesting ways, but there was also plenty of frustrating moments where controls weren't as responsive as expected. Nevertheless, had a good time with it.

2024-05-06 First Time 10h 0m

Extremely cool concept. It plays out like a heist, where everything is planned, cased, and adjusted. The different time slots do a good job making each of the 4 levels feel distinct and each is built with the signature level of Arkane detail. There's not a ton of gear or weapons, but it leaves space to experiment without penalty. The characters and story are good. While one could argue it holds your hand too much, I think too little direction would also be frustrating. So at least this way, you have the opportunity to see all they've built. They also knocked it out of the park with the visual and architectural style, so I'm glad I was able to spend more time with it.

2024-04-28 First Time 16h 0m

Charming and surprisingly intricate little exploration game where you steal your way across the country. The writing carries a decent story and the 90s vibe grounds the world nicely.

2024-04-24 First Time 4h 20m

Pleasant little puzzle game. Fun to explore the manor and piece together the clues about how each plant is grown. On the simpler side, but generally enjoyable for its short runtime.

2024-04-19 First Time 3h 27m

I was slow to warm up to it, but I absolutely adored the dang thing. It's maybe the perfect podcasting game to play and zone out too. I used to think that was bad, but being able to have just enough gameplay to be engaging while not needing to worry about dying or any stats was sort of great. Some levels were more frustrating than others, but I generally enjoyed the variety.

2024-04-19 First Time 38h 0m

(this is specifically for the 1-player campaign, World of Light) Bits of this are very neat - there's a fair amount of customization you can do with your chosen character and leveling up the spirits is sort of fun. Unfortunately, a lot of the abilities are pretty underwhelming and a few spirits outclass the rest. Plus, the gameplay is just a lot of Smash. That's what you're here for, but the variation in rules between matches doesn't ultimately change up that much; you're just trying to knock them off the platform. Also, the story (such that it is) feels pretty lazy- there are about 3 unvoiced cutscenes and that's it. I get that most people aren't here to play this and the overall game itself is extremely polished, but the campaign felt underbaked. I got the true ending, which gets props for an extra cool couple of fights at the end. The bosses throughout were actually pretty unique, so props for that.

2024-04-18 First Time 13h 54m

Loved the art direction and tolerated the gameplay. There were some puzzles, but mostly simple running and jumping. There's some implied story, but it didn't do much for me. The art and music are great though, taking much inspiration from INSIDE and Journey. It's relaxing enough, but not altogether unique.

2024-04-03 First Time 4h 58m

An enthralling tale of a man's place in a small town and the murders that happen there. But it's not about the mystery, really. More about the people and their lives. It's great to learn about everyone and see how your choices impact the story of this village. It's a bit slow at times, but it's cool to see the scope of it all.

2024-03-27 First Time 17h 42m

An interesting concept whose execution screams "budgetary problems". The story is paced terribly with no sense of direction and hardly any arc. The characters are all joyless and mostly generic. Gameplay is interesting at first, but never goes anywhere; there aren't enough abilities to keep things fresh. It's also the same few enemies and environments the whole game, which gets pretty stale.

2024-03-24 First Time 21h 34m

The Left Behind DLC distills the main game's gameplay into a tight 1.5 hour package. The story greatness is still there and its reduced padding and smaller environment make for a satisfying stay.

2024-03-09 DLC 1h 30m

The First Tree


While the environments look ok, the fox doesn't control well and the dialogue is pretty poorly written. It attempts to pull at heartstrings, but is more frustrating than compelling.

2024-03-09 First Time 0h 45m

Short but sweet walking simulator. Exploring the house is cool and it's neat how the story unfolds at your own pace. There's not really much gameplay, but it's a contained enough game that it didn't bother me.

2024-03-09 First Time 1h 15m

DK Adventure DLC. Great example of a DLC that does more with less. The lack of character choices streamlined everything without getting bogged down. Puzzles were neat and battles were varied. Great extension of a proven formula.

2024-03-08 DLC 5h 0m

Fun game, if a little repetitive. Getting deep into number-go-up systems isn't usually what I go for, so I liked its simplified approach (it's usually easy to see how goods flow and what workers are doing). Meeting objectives was satisfying and the high-tension moments were engaging. But, the upgrades are mostly about tweaking production numbers, so they didn't feel super noticeable or rewarding. There's also no story/campaign. So while it's infinitely replayable, I feel like I had my fun with it and don't need to keep going (despite how many metagame upgrades I left unlocked).

2024-03-03 First Time 11h 2m

An unparalleled story held back by dated and repetitive gameplay. One minute you're exploring love and loss with fully realized characters and the next, you're killing 6 generic dudes in yet another clearing full of chest-high walls. The stealth is clunky, the puzzles are generic, and the story is better told than maybe any other game, ever. It was a great candidate for a TV adaptation because they could focus on what make the game great: the story. The gameplay moments that are directly serving the story bring immersion that only games can provide, and it gets credit for that. Violence hits different when you're enacting it with your own controller, something the show couldn't capture in the same way. It also has great zombies- clickers go down in history as an all-time creepy enemy. But, lackluster collectibles and pacing problems (the first half of the game is _slow_) left me wanting overall. There's this gorgeous, atmospheric world wrapping a lot of generic 3rd person shooting that doesn't do it justice. It's ultimately worth playing, but I wouldn't begrudge anyone for just watching the show instead; it elevates the narrative without any of the filler.

2024-03-03 Replay 12h 0m

This DLC was a fun way to get more of the same fun I had in the base game, but it doesn't tread any super new ground. A few more of every type of thing (enemy, collectible, etc) but nothing vital.

2024-02-20 DLC 10h 22m

Great games demand great parody. It's got some fun puzzles in its own right, but manages to be laugh-out-loud hilarious in its own right. Is the perfect length and was a blast top to bottom.

2024-02-19 First Time 1h 6m

Superb puzzle game. Loved learning languages based on context clues and pictograms. The sections combined and overlapped well. The overall message was good and the story went fun places. Managed to say a lot without any dialogue. Had some unnecessary stealth sections, but they didn't bog it down too much. Deservedly in the conversation w/ Obra Dinn and Golden Idol.

2024-02-17 First Time 8h 35m

Though hailed as both one of the best modern platformers and a very hard game, I think this lives up to neither title. The platforming wasn't very compelling, the collectibles useless, the difficulty was sporadic (but mostly not bad) and the bosses were miserable. The game feels unfocused and uninspired. I simply don't understand the praise it gets. Each world had ~1 level I thought was neat and fun. The rest were mostly exercises in pointless frustration.

2024-02-16 First Time 8h 0m

Extremely charming, but with more of a mental health focus than expected. Puzzles were good and coloring the world is a fun mechanic. Controls occasionally frustrating, but a fun outing overall.

2024-02-11 First Time 9h 23m

Great puzzles and controls. Really fun way to stretch and explore the "split brain" concept. Only a few levels _really_ made use of that, but they were hard and it would have been tiring to do more. Pretty good difficulty overall and a great collection of mechanics.

2024-02-10 First Time 2h 8m

Cute little game about adapting a battlefield to your needs. Clearly a gamejam-style game and it's not something I'll probably come back to a lot, but it's a cool concept and I enjoyed the time I spent with it.

2024-02-09 First Time 0h 21m

Triangle Strategy


Played New Game+ for the true ending, which was great. Fun to explore more characters and I was pleasantly surprised at how much variation there was in choices. Battles didn't get old, and while the late-game economy was a little unbalanced, the game remained fun throughout.

2024-02-04 Replay 26h 25m

Pretty fun! I don't love the amount of micro it requires, but the customizable tower loadouts and upgrades are improved from previous games. Story is cute and there's lots of little easter eggs to find.

2024-01-30 First Time 7h 54m

Short and sweet game about art and love. It's a little heavier than its art and presentation let on, but it's fun to click around.

2024-01-24 First Time 1h 45m

I have such conflicted feelings about this one. On the one hand, the graphics and music are nearly peerless. There are some genuinely touching story moments, many good ones, and a few duds. The pixel environments are intricate, there's a lot of enemy variety, and the character design is cool. The basics of combat are good and the Mario RPG-style hit for bonus damage/block keeps me engaged. The lock system adds variety to battles, even if sometimes they don't seem totally possible. BUT. The gameplay part of this game doesn't feel well thought out. I don't mind it being simplified- a more streamlined approach was one of my favorite things about Triangle Strategy. But IMO this game strips out the wrong things. There's an equipment system, but weapons and armor just have numbers that go up. There are rings which provide a little strategic diversity, but there are a few that are strictly better than everything. The only collectables are food (for healing items) and rainbow conch's (which provide some bonuses, mostly for other side quests). It's a shame, since that makes exploration less compelling than it could be. Each gameplay system seems shallow and disparate in a way that's not satisfying. Worst of all, it's a game that doesn't respect your time. Lengthy ability animations aren't skippable, there's a _lot_ of pointless backtracking, and the boss fights are WAY too long (the final boss took me nearly a full hour and it only had 4 different moves). I feel like the developers were inspired by classic JRPGs, but learned all the wrong lessons from them. The overall package is decent but definitely tries your patience.

2024-01-22 First Time 31h 32m

Played both DLC packs and they were good fun. Hard riddles, but fair. Good story color to the original game.

2024-01-20 DLC 4h 59m

Best one yet. Gameplay feels fluid, powerups are fun and offer a lot of customizability. Levels are still tough, but it finally feels like we have enough tools to really tackle them well. It also has the best story of any of them so far, building effective backstory to the rest of the games.

2024-01-09 First Time 4h 29m

Puzzles are very hit-or-miss, but the art, story, and music are fun. All things told, it's aged surprisingly well.

2024-01-04 Replay 8h 34m

Fun, plant-based puzzle game. There's a branching story that's surprisingly engaging. Plant identification gets a little repetitive after a while, but there's enough different identification angles and other puzzles that it stays fun.

2023-12-23 First Time 5h 30m

This is a very faithful remake of a classic 2D game I've never played. Though the graphics are nice, the game suffers from an aged simplicity. Not that every game needs to have all the bells and whistles of a modern RPG, but this one felt a little _too_ stripped down. I liked that gear choices were straightforward and abilities were interesting enough. But, the game got off to an _incredibly_ slow start - the first 5 hours, depending on your character selection, you have no abilities at all; just light attack and heavy attack. It's great if you want to mindlessly wander around and whack things, but left something to be desired. The game opens up after the first class change and brings a little more strategic depth. Mostly it was just fun to turn my brain off during a personally busy month, but not something that'll stick with me.

2023-12-20 First Time 16h 14m

Best described as "4 player Slay the Spire", there was a lot to like about Across the Obelisk. The 4 character classes and variety of perks and skills mean there's a lot of customization and replayability. Building a deck is always fun and there's a lot of card variety. Multiplayer works well and the tiebreaker mechanic on split votes was a ton of fun. But, for a game we played as much as we did, there wasn't as much variety as I would have liked. The maps always have the same layout (though the events on each node are random) and the end-map bosses are always identical. I would have liked to see more variety in regular enemies, too. The UI is decent but the descriptions on effects was sometimes lacking, making it hard to understand exactly what was going to happen (tough for a card game). Ultimately it was a great choice for my gaming group and I'm glad we played it.

2023-12-20 First Time 70h 7m

Climbing as a core mechanic felt quite good. It was fun looking for handholds and swinging to reach something new. The story being all text as fine and the collectibles left something to be desired. Also, for being a platformer, there was remarkably little ability to fall off things. It's pretty and zen though, which is a nice change of pace. Great sense of scale, too.

2023-12-14 First Time 5h 9m



Fun little puzzle game. Ultimately felt pretty hard for the amount of enjoyment it brought. Haptics and design were great, as was the concept. Just didn't love it

2023-12-10 First Time 4h 16m

Potion Craft


Neat little game. I liked the idea of combining exploration and inventory into one system. Plus, being able to cache and improve recipes was fun. The controller support was pretty good, but the game got pretty repetitive and tedious. Fun idea, but I didn't want to play much more of it.

2023-12-01 First Time 3h 29m

On paper, I should have loved this game. It's routinely hailed as one of the best games in my favorite genre and it's a remaster with a bunch of QoL features. But dang it if it wasn't a total slog! There's a huge amount of backtracking in the levels (there are 50+ story battles but only ~20 maps). You can't mix and match skills between classes, so there's not a lot of theory crafting - it's mostly "pick the best 4 skills for a given class". There's also a distinct difference between unique units and generics (the former are much stronger). You get so many generics that it's never really worth training anyone else. And, there are still some glaring QoL misses, despite the progress there. There's a ton of characters and classes to find, but much of it is locked away behind long, grindy sidequests. I'm sure that's fun for some people, but I wasn't into it. The story is long, but not especially impactful. While there are lots of branches in the narrative, I don't feel like all the branches add much; they just dilute what little story there is. At its core, the gameplay is pretty fun, if a little slow to start. Rewinding time is a great feature that I wish more SRPGs had. But, the games that learned from it and came after it are much better.

2023-11-29 First Time 47h 21m

A lovely end to an extremely cute trilogy. Tied it up perfectly, no notes.

2023-11-17 First Time 2h 49m

Similarly charming with marginally more gameplay this time around (but not really). Still a fun world and story though.

2023-11-15 First Time 1h 25m

What it lacks it gameplay, it makes up for in charm!

2023-11-13 First Time 1h 14m

Ethereal little puzzle game. I loved the seamlessness and otherworldliness of the environment. Was also nice to have a game from this dev that wasn't so gross or death-focused. The recursion was a good mechanic and it did a good job respecting your time. Lovely little experience!

2023-11-12 First Time 4h 39m

Interesting and dense story, if overly complex. I like the intermingling of the plots, but it does make it a little hard to follow. Combat provides a good respite and is simplistic without being boring. There's great QoL features for the visual novel part and gorgeous art, as always. It's an ambitious game, but it sticks the landing.

2023-11-08 First Time 29h 21m

Neat concept, but gameplay didn't keep me hooked (pun intended). I liked the progression well enough, but the shooting was tiresome and there wasn't enough variation in the fishing. But, it's a cute concept!

2023-11-06 First Time 1h 37m



While this game doesn't explain anything more than its predecessor, I liked the setting much more. Instead of being in a black-and-white zone, you're in a series of industrial buildings that really give the game an eerie sense of place. The controls feel better and the puzzles are better balanced (if a bit easier). It also goes places I didn't expect, which feels like a rarity these days. I enjoyed it a lot for what it was.

2023-10-26 First Time 3h 0m

More style than substance, but nice art and music. There were some minor puzzles and story about mental health that didn't really go anywhere, but it wasn't an unpleasant hour.

2023-10-25 First Time 1h 8m

Great little platformer with a very distinct art style. There was ostensibly some story happening, but it was the kind where I'll need to search "Limbo story explained" afterwards. Some neat puzzle mechanics. It didn't quite do it for me, but I enjoyed my time with it.

2023-10-23 First Time 2h 47m

An interesting concept, but the gameplay itself left something to be desired. I liked the vibe of the text-based exploration, but it was more frustrating than fun. The story was interesting enough, and told interestingly, certainly.

2023-10-23 First Time 1h 50m

A well-made metroidvania. On the whole, the movement felt really good and you could fluidly zoom around the map once you got moving. Combat was pretty fun, if a little simplistic. The EMMI mechanic was fine, but didn't feel like it added a lot. I liked all the powerups, but it almost felt like there were too many relative to the amount of time you got to use them. Also, the story felt shoehorned in. But, I enjoyed coming back to it and exploring, plus it didn't overstay its welcome.

2023-10-22 First Time 10h 15m

Quite fun and good for short bursts of games. Great controls which make playing on mobile very natural. Difficulty was inconsistent and basically all of the special events are bad, but it makes for a satisfying play (especially once they smooth out the curves)

2023-10-21 First Time 14h 24m

fascinating game. Fun gameplay, kept it fresh throughout. I'm not totally sure I followed the story, but I loved its layers and my total inability to guess what was coming next. The whole thing came together very well. Extremely unique game.

2023-10-13 First Time 9h 48m

A bittersweet story about family, food, and culture. Nice little 1-sitting game, and surprisingly touching.

2023-10-05 First Time 1h 17m

Fun art and stories. But ultimately, the difficulty was inconsistent. Puzzles were either too simple to too hard with little in-between. Fun for a couple of evenings though. Also I'm extremely curious about how the execution engine works behind the scenes.

2023-10-03 First Time 2h 0m

Odd little story, with nice art and music. Narration was also good (and AI generated!). It's only a part 1, so we're excited to see where the rest of the story goes.

2023-08-20 First Time 1h 43m



Extremely charming platformer. Plays a lot like Pikmin-lite, but simplified in all the right ways. The animations and sound design are extremely cute and the NPC dialogue is a lot of fun. Each world is great to explore and they pulled the "pea-sized-person in a house" vibe off incredibly well. The only thing that fell flat was the story, which tries to be much deeper and serious than it needs to be. Luckily, it doesn't get it the way of anything and can be safely ignored. What a delightful time!

2023-08-19 First Time 5h 41m

Very stylistic. Super weird, but the gameplay is engaging. Good music. Sense of scale gets very cool, especially in the late game. Occasional bugginess held it back, but it's a quick fun time.

2023-08-16 First Time 4h 0m

It's a well-tread concept implemented snappily, but forgettably. There's a lot of named enemies, but they don't seem to be different in significant ways. Gameplay got pretty same-y over time. That said, I liked the writing a lot and there was more level variety than I expected (there's a lot of environments vs things like Hotline Miami which is mostly same-y houses). So there's things there, but I didn't stick with it.

2023-08-15 First Time 1h 24m

Fun re-tread of the base game. Occasionally frustrating, but it nails the style of those older platformers in a fun and fairly charming way.

2023-08-06 First Time 5h 42m

The controls are great (especially for a mobile game) and the actual gameplay is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, a lot of progression is balanced around being able to pay to win, so playing it on apple arcade, some things were just prohibitively expensive. Also, the dynamic difficulty, while good, made it less rewarding to have top-tier players (because the defenses got good to match your success). Once I realized that was happening, I had less fun with it. But, I played it a ton and it's a great way to spend 5 minutes.

2023-08-02 First Time 15h 27m



Great little follow-up to the base game. Fun to explore and do new little quests. Retreads what the original did, but it fit right in.

2023-07-29 DLC 1h 35m

There's a lot going on here. I can see that it's built on the bones of a great game, but I feel like a lot of that was lost in the remake. There are very lucid sections where everything is great, but they're few and far between with abysmal pacing. The is cool but doesn't make a ton of sense (having limited knowledge of the original). Combat is fun and customizing ability loadouts is good. It just sort of felt all over the place. Graphics and music were top tier though!

2023-07-27 First Time 29h 46m

Neat puzzle game. I liked the asymmetry, but some puzzles were hard to do on a controller and there were noticeable bugs. But, there were some very neat sections and I'm glad we played.

2023-07-21 First Time 6h 50m



I liked the idea of mooncrash, but I think it wanted me to have a different kind of fun than I was having. I wanted to see the stories and it wanted to randomzie my runs and make that harder. Plus, the characters didn't feel all that different from each other, so it mostly felt repetitive and frustrating. Definitely an interesting idea though, and I'm curious what they do with Deathloop.

2023-07-19 DLC 7h 55m

A little janky, but very fun. Good puzzles, charming enough story (such that it is). Did the DLC too, which were fun but not necessary.

2023-07-06 First Time 9h 18m



I enjoyed the concept and the UI is pretty good, but it wasn't quite engaging enough to hold my attention. Finished 2/4 worlds (and no bonus puzzles)

2023-06-24 First Time 1h 0m

Very charming puzzle game. Definitely mind bending, especially towards the end. Completed 161/364 puzzles, which is impressive. Game felt smooth and engaging throughout, and introduced new mechanics well.

2023-06-23 First Time 5h 31m

Monster Sanctuary


Great combat and team building. Exploration was decent. It was a little overwhelming having full skill trees for everyone, but certainly lead to a lot of depth and ability to customize. Story was decent. I liked that there's advanced game modes too.

2023-06-19 First Time 18h 54m

Cute little game. Some obtuse puzzles, but it's a charming presentation.

2023-05-31 First Time 0h 30m

Really great on paper. Pretty good on execution. Ended up being a bit simplistic, and wasn't always clear with what would happen. But it was nice having a proper deckbuilder and there were pretty decent upgrade paths and power curves.

2023-05-31 First Time 12h 47m

Hi-Fi Rush


Stellar writing, gameplay, animation, and of course, music. Just the complete package. Doesn't overstay its welcome, but uses its time well. I love the attention to detail and amount of care put into this game.

2023-05-08 First Time 9h 14m

Cute take on a reverse city builder. Was surprisingly pleasant and definitely a good spin on how we're treating our nature. A few papercuts and lack of clarity, but I liked that there was always a mission to be working towards.

2023-05-05 First Time 6h 12m

I have some complicated feelings about this one. As Pokemon games go, it's certainly novel. It tries a lot of new things and some of them are good! It's a little grindy and there are too many papercuts, but there's a lot of serious QoL. The core gameplay is still great, and while a lot of systems have been simplified, I think they made good choices. On paper, this would be the Pokemon game fans have been dreaming about for years and years. But, it dramatically falls short of its potential. The graphics are dreadful (and you can't _just_ blame the hardware; there are good looking Switch games) and the movement itself feels bad. There's boss battles are mostly button mashing and dodging, which is a weird way to climax a battling/catching game. The story is basically non-existent and all the side quests are just fetch quests. If this weren't a Pokemon game, it would be a bargain bin 5/10. It just hurts because there's _so_ much opportunity here, and this is what they came up with. I'm glad they're trying new things, but would really appreciate a higher quality bar.

2023-04-30 First Time 17h 55m

Somber, slow, contemplative game. A story about loss and regret, told interestingly.

2023-04-23 First Time 1h 17m

Some nice art, but bad puzzles, platforming, and no story. I think pretending there's a story is worse than not having one. They're clearly inspired by Journey, but captured none of what made it enjoyable.

2023-04-23 First Time 0h 34m

Trash the Planet


Doesn't shy from the political, but presents it in a fun, light way. Great theming, varied gameplay, good music, and doesn't overstay its welcome. The complete package.

2023-04-23 First Time 1h 29m

Touching, small story. Nice art, chill vibe. Great dialogue and writing. No real gameplay, but the walking around and choosing who says the next line made it much more dynamic, somehow, than a movie.

2023-04-22 First Time 0h 44m

Fun concept, nice (if simple) art, great writing. Actual deductions were a little frustrating, but I ultimately did like the open-endedness of solving the murders- actually had to do some thinking.

2023-04-21 First Time 1h 0m


A hint of a story, boring combat, nice enough, if bland, environments. Cool glowing deer. But, really not much there.

2023-04-21 First Time 0h 22m

Neat concept, but heavy handed with its politics. Also, waters down some of the decisonmaking in a way that's not realistic or helpful.

2023-04-21 First Time 0h 43m

Tiemframe _really_ stretches the "games as art" and "how much gameplay does a walking simulator need to be considered a game". There are a small number of text logs that let you piece together a bit of "story", but there's not enough there to be compelling. It also doesn't really use its "slow motion" theme in any meaningful way. Overall, just a miss.

2023-04-19 First Time 0h 48m

A small trio of puzzles. 2/3 great and 1/3 a miss, which is a decent ratio. Neat presentation and good sound design. Definitely new, and there's something to be said for that!

2023-04-19 First Time 3h 34m

Chained Echoes


Absolutely superb. Follows in the footsteps of great JRPGs before it, modernizing and generally improving their gameplay. It's good a pretty decent story, great world to explore, cool abilities, great secrets, the works. I finished the main quest, every side quest, and a bunch of extra bits in 33 hours, which is amazing for a game like this. Usually it's dragged out much longer. It's a very focused game; there aren't that many locations, but there's a lot to explore. Doesn't hold your hand, but doesn't let you get too lost either. Very well constructed. I can't say enough good things about it.

2023-04-14 First Time 33h 36m

Took everything about the first game and improved it. Bigger world, better stories, more varied machines, better weapons, more interesting exploration, the works. The story was a little weaker, but set up some very interesting things. Plus, there's a lot of bits to find. And the stash system! What an improvement. Kudos all around.

2023-04-12 First Time 67h 32m

Some good puzzles coupled with a too-serious theme. It's interesting, but a little intense for what the rest of the game is. I did like the framing and exploration though.

2023-03-18 First Time 1h 46m

Super interesting game. I like the open-ended exploration and the fact that it was sort of a secret platformer. There's a lot of overlapping storylines, and I liked how well they executed on the V I B E. The biggest knock was that you're not really _solving_ the case so much as you can talk to everyone as much as you want and explore. There's not much logic to it. But, it was good for what it was.

2023-03-04 First Time 8h 55m

Great in co-op. Puzzles were good and combat was satisfying. Good upgrade system too. And a story! Really has it all- just don't play it solo.

2023-02-25 First Time 9h 9m

Great little game. Loved the style and the setting. Puzzles were generally good, but the difficulty curve was all over the place. Some of them were super hard and required _many_ complex positions, while others were more straightofward. I liked the simpler ones, but it's nice that there's stuff there for everyone. Cool settings, good puzzle mechanics, great vibes.

2023-02-21 First Time 5h 45m

Definitely an interesting game. Ultimately, the battle, equipment, and leveling system are awesome. They still feel fresh and they solve a lot of problems that RPGs have. Unfortunately, the story and characters leave much to be desired. Most of the dialogue is just _bad_. Maybe I'm just nostalgic for the first game, or I was a dumb teen when I played it, but this is rough today. Also, the story pacing is dreadful. For a game that doesn't have random encounters, it sure doesn't let you walk 15 feet without a cutscene and a forced battle. Honestly I think this is a place where the postgame will really shine, since I can do exactly what I want, when I want to do it. Also, the story doesn't really stand on its own because it's so tied to the first one. Fun enough (and I stuck with it), but definitely flawed.

2023-02-20 First Time 30h 0m