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Triangle Strategy

Genre: Tactics

I've played the main story 2 times and given it an average score of 4 (out of 4).

This game won the 🥇Gold medal in my 2022 Yearly Media Review.
2024-02-04 26h 25m Replay

Played New Game+ for the true ending, which was great. Fun to explore more characters and I was pleasantly surprised at how much variation there was in choices. Battles didn't get old, and while the late-game economy was a little unbalanced, the game remained fun throughout.

2022-11-03 37h 30m First Time

Good story and refreshing approach to character customization (that is, there's not much of it). Wish the ability trees were a little longer (I maxed out a number of characters, ability wise) but enjoyed the ride. Liked the exploration. Performance was fine, but certainly nice to have it on the go. Story was pretty good, and choices actually mattering was done well.