Bullet Hell Games I've Played

Bullet Hell games are categorized by a primary gameplay loop of having to avoid flying projectices. I've played 4 games in this genre so far.

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poster for Cuphead


A pretty tough game, but fair about its difficulty. Good boss variety and equipment options. It would get frustrating when I made dumb mistakes over and over. But, the feeling of finally beating a boss I had run up against many times was exhilarating. Death Count: 507 total: 101 deaths first island, 191 deaths second island, 111 deaths third island, 30 deaths against penultimate boss, 74 against final boss.

poster for Flat Heroes

Flat Heroes

Very stylized game. Good, usually fair. Impressive depth. Hard, but usually satisfying bosses. Great multiplayer too. Really the complete package!

poster for Shatter


This is Brick, but with a twist, I guess.