poster for Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame

Originally released in 2019.

I've watched this movie 4 times and given it an average score of 4 (out of 4).

This movie won the 🥇Gold medal in my 2019 Yearly Media Review.
2023-05-20 Watch #4

no review

2020-05-08 Watch #3

no review

2019-07-17 Watch #2

Has some slow bits and hand wavy timey-wimey stuff, but it lands overall and thrives on its small moments with characters we've grown to love.

2019-04-25 Watch #1

Really enjoyable. Packed a lot into a limited amount of time. The snapped characters felt a little shoehorned and some bits were cheesy, but the entire time heist segment was golden.