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Chained Echoes

Genre: Turn Based

I've played the main story 1 time and given it an average score of 4 (out of 4).

This game won the 🥇Gold medal in my 2023 Yearly Media Review.
2023-04-14 33h 36m First Time

Absolutely superb. Follows in the footsteps of great JRPGs before it, modernizing and generally improving their gameplay. It's good a pretty decent story, great world to explore, cool abilities, great secrets, the works. I finished the main quest, every side quest, and a bunch of extra bits in 33 hours, which is amazing for a game like this. Usually it's dragged out much longer. It's a very focused game; there aren't that many locations, but there's a lot to explore. Doesn't hold your hand, but doesn't let you get too lost either. Very well constructed. I can't say enough good things about it.