poster for Prey


Genre: Stealth

I've played the main story 1 time and given it an average score of 3 (out of 4).

2022-06-24 22h 17m First Time

Very interesting. Great worldbuilding and setting. Gameplay was pretty good, if a little imbalanced. I liked the open aspect of it, but not as much as their more tightly-designed and smaller levels in dishonored. I thought that some of the systems worked against each other- namely careful exploration and the nightmare. But, there was a lot to do an find, but not in an overwhelming way. That part felt impeccably well-designed.

DLC, etc.

2023-07-19 7h 55m DLC

I liked the idea of mooncrash, but I think it wanted me to have a different kind of fun than I was having. I wanted to see the stories and it wanted to randomzie my runs and make that harder. Plus, the characters didn't feel all that different from each other, so it mostly felt repetitive and frustrating. Definitely an interesting idea though, and I'm curious what they do with Deathloop.

Did not roll credits.