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Love Actually

Originally released in 2003.

I've watched this movie 7 times and given it an average score of 4.00 (out of 4).

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2023-11-28 Watch #7

Remains fun, if uneven

2022-12-21 Watch #6

It hoenstly grew on me. Each of the stories winds its way through love in a novel path. Heartfelt in the right ways. A little dated with some jokes, but it pulls it off.

2020-12-29 Watch #5

I love all the different takes on love. Some of the jokes don't age as well, but I still like it.

2018-12-19 Watch #4

still cute, despite flaws.

2017-12-18 Watch #3

no review

2016-12-06 Watch #2

no review

2014-12-24 Watch #1 *

no review

* this is my first logged watch, but I had seen the movie before.